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The Adventures of Luther Arkwright TPB

Price: 16.95

Garth Ennis says of this collection, "From riveting action scenes to beautiful silent sequences, from studies in hateful obsession to humor both ribald and gentle, The Adventures of Luther Arkwright is surely one of the all-time great epics of t...Read More

The Best of Dark Horse Presents Volume 3

Price: 3.24

Nobody does it weirder! The first comic book Dark Horse produced was Dark Horse Presents , a black-and-white anthology featuring popular and new artists and writers. In volume three of this continuing collection we look at some of the high spots from...Read More

Baseball Greats #1

Price: 2.95

Dark Horse is proud to present the first in a new series of comics chronicling the life stories of some of the greatest stars of the sports world. The first issue profiles the great Boston Red Sox outfielder, Jimmy Piersall, not only one of the great...Read More

Batman/Grendel II: Devil's Bones

Price: 4.95

The Dark Knight has faced many twisted nightmares: killer clowns and crazed ex-D.A.s, women dressed as cats and steroid-pumped madmen. But an unholy relic -- the bones of Hunter Rose -- has brought a deadlier foe to his city. A relentless, merciless ...Read More

King Size Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot

Price: 29.95

Geof Darrow was awarded an Eisner for his spectacular artwork on 1995's hit miniseries, The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot . For all the time and all the care he lavished on those pages, it's an award that was well-earned. When Geof first came into ...Read More

Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal TPB

Price: 14.95

Mega-Tokyo, 2031. The Great Kanto earthquake six years earlier has left scars the city won't soon forget. Even as its glorious Genom tower rises higher with repairs, in its shadow creeps a new wave of crime, a sign that beneath the growing prosperity...Read More

The Blue Lily #1

Price: 3.95

What do you get when you cross a hardboiled private investigator with a sentient robot? None other than Rusty Spade, metaphysical metal detective! What starts out as a simple missing-persons case soon leads Rusty down a dizzying path of intrigue, hig...Read More

The Blue Lily #2

Price: 3.95

Join Rusty Spade, metaphysical metal detective, as he confronts the woman who launched a thousand shady deals -- the Blue Lily herself! As Rusty gets dragged deeper and deeper into the dangerous world of interstellar finance, events around him grow e...Read More

The Black Pearl TPB

Price: 16.95

Mark Hamill's The Black Pearl was all over the news during the release of the Star Wars Special Edition trilogy, causing fans to hunt for the sold-out series. Now the entire story is available in one package, "remastered" to make it appropr...Read More

Blade of the Immortal Volume 1: Blood of a Thousand TPB

Price: 14.95

"To end his eternal suffering, he must slay one thousand enemies!" Manji, a ronin warrior of feudal Japan, has been cursed with immortality. To rid himself of this curse and end his life of misery, he must slay one thousand evil men! His qu...Read More

Bettie Page: Queen of Hearts TPB

Price: 19.95

What a dish! What a doll! What a delinquent! Bettie Page sent the world for a cold shower when her first photo appeared in Flirt magazine in 1951. Bettie ignited a flame that burned through the art community, affecting forever the way women were port...Read More

Stan Shaw's Beauty & The Beast

Price: 4.95

Everyone knows this popular fairy tale of love and transformation, but readers will be stunned by Stan Shaw's boldly contemporary interpretation. Rather than develop a revisionist treatment, Shaw has embraced the classic elements of the story, and ap...Read More

Batman Versus Predator (Prestige Ed.) #2 (of 3)

Price: 4.95

The hunter becomes the hunted as the tale of Batman, Earth's ultimate detective, is pitted against Predator in the second installment of this blockbuster comics event....Read More

Batman Versus Predator (Prestige Ed.) #3 (of 3)

Price: 4.95

The final showdown takes place in the Batcave, as the wily Predator hitches a ride on the Batmobile. But man versus alien it isn't, as Batman discovers that Predator is not alone!...Read More

Basil Wolverton's Fantastic Fables #2

Price: 2.50

Space-age super science as only Wolverton can do it! Thrill to the adventures of the "Stratosphere Patrol"! Gasp at the outer space adventures of "Shock Shannon"! Included are historical notes on Basil Wolverton's work by Bill Spi...Read More

Barb Wire Comics Magazine Special

Price: 3.50

For those bikers and truckers who like their comics big and black-and-white, Dark Horse is offering the Barb Wire movie adaptation in a special magazine edition. It's the same story -- without the color -- in the standard, magazine-sized format. As a...Read More

Barb Wire Movie Special

Price: 3.95

In 2017, the urban wasteland of Steel Harbor is the only neutral territory in America's second civil war, and Barb Wire's Hammerhead Bar is the favorite watering hole for soldiers from both sides. But when a freedom fighter from Barb's past seeks her...Read More

Barb Wire TPB

Price: 3.13

Steel Harbor is an industrial town that's seen better days. If you live there, you know that times are tough. Gangs run amok, and it's useless to call the police. But you can call Barb Wire! For the right price, Barb will right any wrong. Call her da...Read More

Comics' Greatest World: The Machine

Price: 1.00

Avram Roman was once a man -- now he's The Machine, a living soul trapped within a biomechanical scarecrow of flesh and metal. Inhumanly strong, virtually indestructible, The Machine is a powerful ally of Barb Wire, who'll need all the help she can g...Read More

Comics' Greatest World: Rebel

Price: 1.00

Strong, quick, agile, and flashy, Rebel's accustomed to admiration -- and to the orderliness of the privileged place he shares with his twin and superhero alter ego in Golden City. But order is about to erupt into unimaginable chaos and bone-crushing...Read More

Cheval Noir #10

Price: 3.50

This issue, in a comic book first, H.R. Giger (creator of the original Alien ) contributes not only the cover, but is also featured in a special art section, including a fold-out page. Also, beginning this issue- Jacques Tardi's The Roach Killer ! It...Read More

Cheval Noir #11

Price: 4.50

What is the secret of "The Knife?" Find out in this issue of comics' premier international anthology. Also Tardi's Roach Killer (printed in two colors), Joe Haldeman's Forever Wars , Schuiten and Peeter's The Tower , Everett Peck's Duckman ...Read More

Cheval Noir #12

Price: 3.95

Featuring some of the finest comic tales from creators across the globe, this premier anthology is a must-have item for the serious collector! Tardi's Roach Killer continues to be reproduced here in stunning black- white-and-red, as Schuiten and Peet...Read More

Cheval Noir #13

Price: 4.50

In this issue of Cheval Noir we are proud to present the first installment of "Chninkel" by Rosinski and Van-Hamme, as well as chapter one of Cosey's "Voyage to Italy"! Also Tardi's "Roach Killer" (printed in two colors)...Read More

Cheval Noir #15

Price: 4.50

Cheval Noir presents some of the finest comics produced by creators from around the world! "Chninkel" by Rosinski and Van-Hamme continues, as well as Cosey's "Voyage to Italy"! This issue premiers the first chapter of Tardi's &quo...Read More

Cheval Noir #16

Price: 3.75

This issue we continue "Chninkel" by Rosinski and Van-Hamme, as well as Cosey's "Voyage to Italy"! Tardi's classic "The Mad Scientist" with Adele Blanc-Sec continues, as does Schuiten and Peeters' "The Tower" a...Read More

Cheval Noir #17

Price: 4.50

Eddie Campbell and Ed Hillyer's "The Eyeball Kid" regains his godly powers and flies off to take his revenge on the Telchines, while the third chapter of Tardi's classic "The Mad Scientist" continues with their second chapter of &...Read More

Cheval Noir #20

Price: 4.50

Dark Horse comics is proud to present the debut of motion picture director David Lynch's bizarre cult comic strip "The Angriest Dog in the World," which has appeared in the L.A. Weekly, making this issue a must-have item for the many Lynch ...Read More

Cheval Noir #25

Price: 3.95

Cheval Noir presents stories from more time zones than you live in! From Japan comes chapter two of Masashi Tanaka's "In Dreams", the story of a samurai caught by the winds of political change, no longer an official assassin. In the third c...Read More

Cheval Noir #26

Price: 3.95

This issue marks the first appearance ANYWHERE of The Man From The Ciguri. Moebius' sequel to The Airtight Garage. We begin serialization in this issue and will continue in small installments (3-5 pages per month) until this new epic is completed. Th...Read More

Cheval Noir #3

Price: 3.50

The European invasion continues! Featured this issue are The Adventures of Fred and Bob by Cailleteau and Vatine, The Reformed Dragon by Leopoldo Duranona (author of The Race of Scorpions ), as well as the continuations of Adele & the Beast by Ja...Read More

Cheval Noir #4

Price: 3.50

Classic comics from the finest talents the world over. This elegant sixty four page, perfect-bound anthology contains such exciting features as Rork by Andreas, The Adventures of Fred and Bob by Cailleteau and Vatine, Adele & the Beast by Jacques...Read More

Cheval Noir #5

Price: 3.50

Cosmic adventure with The Lone Sloane by Phillipe Druillet, more comic craziness in The Adventures of Fred and Bob by Cailleteau and Vatine, intrigue and mystery in Fever in Urbicand by Peeters and Schuiten, and weird, Lovecraftian suspense in Rork b...Read More

Cheval Noir #50

Price: 3.50

Look out: it's the Consummate Comic! The Ultimate Issue! The Cheval Finale! Don't miss the 48-page special celebrating Cheval Noir 's last issue -- jam-packed with samplings of stories you've known and loved over the last five years. Watch for the me...Read More

Cheval Noir #6

Price: 3.50

Featured in this issue is the conclusion to Schuiten and Peeter's fascinating tale of urban growth gone wild, Fever in Urbican , as well as more classic work by Jacques Tardi, the continuation of Phillipe Druillet's cosmic saga Lone Sloane , new work...Read More

Cheval Noir #9

Price: 4.50

An entire world of entertainment lies within the pages of this month's giant-sized spectacular! Featured this issue is the beginning of The Tower , another fascinating tale from The Lost Cities series by Schuiten and Peeters (the team that brought yo...Read More

Fifty Concrete Watercolors Card Set

Price: 2.24

Mostly unpublished, painted for original-art collectors, these ink-line-and-watercolor paintings of Concrete, Larry, Maureen, and Tripod appear now in this collectible card set. Most tell a story in themselves, but also appearing are scenes from Conc...Read More

Fifty Concrete Watercolors Card Set - Uncut Sheet

Price: 2.99

Mostly unpublished, painted for original-art collectors, these ink-line-and-watercolor paintings of Concrete, Larry, Maureen, and Tripod appear now in this collectible card set. Most tell a story in themselves, but also appearing are scenes from Conc...Read More

Creepy #2 (of 4)

Price: 3.95

Mostly unpublished, painted for original-art collectors, these ink-line-and-watercolor paintings of Concrete, Larry, Maureen, and Tripod appear now in this collectible card set. Most tell a story in themselves, but also appearing are scenes from Conc...Read More

Classic Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back #2

Price: 3.95

The classic adaptation of the second Star Wars movie continues as Luke's Jedi training with Yoda progresses, and the Rebels' fight against the Empire takes a turn for the worse as Han Solo gets himself into a rather sticky situation. This second of t...Read More

Classic Star Wars: Return of the Jedi #1

Price: 3.50

Dark Horse presents Classic Star Wars: Return of the Jedi , the next thrilling chapter in the greatest space fantasy ever! The Emperor and Darth Vader make the final preparations to destroy the Rebel Alliance once and for all. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalk...Read More

Classic Star Wars: Return of the Jedi #2

Price: 3.50

Dark Horse presents Star Wars: Return of the Jedi , the latest chapter in the greatest space fantasy ever! The Rebel Alliance must destroy the Empire's new Death Star before it is completed, but their attack is foreseen by the Emperor, himself a mast...Read More

Classic Star Wars, Vol. 2: The Rebel Storm TPB

Price: 16.95

There was no peace for the crew members of the Millennium Falcon between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back ! Follow their adventures as they plunge head first into an underwater hunt that leads to a demonsquid, a treasonous and plotting Kraaken, ...Read More

Eno and Plum TPB

Price: 6.48

Think the world's nothing but a sinkhole of violence, racism, sexism, and homophobia? Afraid your old man has better weed than you? Terry Laban's Eno and Plum is just the thing to float your boat! It's a mutant cross between the Freak Brothers and Ar...Read More

Dark Horse Presents #100-1

Price: 2.50

For our fifth anniversary, Frank Miller introduced Sin City -- be here as he takes a break from...Read More

Dark Horse Presents #100-2

Price: 2.50

Hellboy's origin is revealed in this new 10-page tale titled "The Chained Coffin," written and illustrated by Mike Mignola! Meet the Mom and Dad of the world's greatest paranormal investigator! Bitchy Bitch stomps through a 6-page story by ...Read More

Dark Horse Presents #100-3

Price: 2.50

We start off with a 14-page Concrete tale titled "The Artistic Impulse," written and illustrated by Paul Chadwick. It brings back the same characters that appeared in the first issue of Dark Horse Presents way back in 1986!Then there's a 6-...Read More

Dark Horse Presents #100-4

Price: 2.50

Dave Gibbons pays tribute to EC with a scary Martha Washington cover, tied in with the 6-page story, "Attack of the Flesh-Eating Monsters," which he and Frank Miller provide for our entertainment pleasure! "Black Cross," which deb...Read More

Dark Horse Presents #100-5

Price: 2.50

Arthur Adams treats us to 8 pages of Monkeyman and O'Brien ! Ann and Tiberius duke it out with a bug-eyed monster from outer space in this witty, beautifully drawn story! Self-publishing giants Jeff Smith ( Bone ) and Paul Pope ( THB ) come together ...Read More

Dark Horse Presents #109

Price: 2.95

New York is a young man's best friend -- if that young man has a steady job that pays big bucks. But to comic-book artist Al Milgrom, fresh off the bus from the Midwest, The Big Apple is the worst kind of enemy. He has no job and no friends. But what...Read More

Dark Horse Presents #33

Price: 2.25

Remember those long summer afternoons when you were young; when you'd find a shady spot to curl up with a comic and let the stories transport you to long ago times and distant worlds? Well, his special issue of Dark Horse Presents will bring those da...Read More

Dark Horse Presents #56

Price: 3.95

DHP's third giant-sized annual promises to be the best one yet! Frank Miller's ongoing adventure series Sin City headlines this all-star issue, which also includes part three of the four-part introduction to The Next Men by John Byrne; a two-part pro...Read More

Dark Horse Presents #57

Price: 3.50

Alien Fire returns from Anthony Smith and Eric Vincent! New Material from Eddie Campbell, Frank Miller, John Byrne, John Arcudi and Dale Eaglesham! Cover by Miller and Byrne! We had so much great material left over from the 64-page Annual (offered la...Read More

Dark Horse Presents #67

Price: 3.95

Beginning in this double-sized issue: Part 1 of a three-part lead-in to the upcoming miniseries, Predator: Race War . Story by novelist Andrew Vachss ( Hard Looks ), adapted by Randy Stradley ( Aliens vs. Predator ) and artists Jordan Raskin and John...Read More

Dark Horse Presents 1997 Annual

Price: 1.49

The return of Jason Pearson's Body Bags ! Aliens by Beau Smith and Gray Morrow! A collaboration between Madman 's Mike Allred and Land of Nod 's Jay Stephens! The world's first comic strip by Penn Jillette, of the comedy duo Penn & Teller! All th...Read More

Deadline USA #2

Price: 9.95

More cutting-edge lunacy from the finest talents in alternative comix, Deadline USA is a 96-page loving tribute to the fact that a little artistic freedom can be dangerous! Featuring * Tank Girl * Johnny Nemo * Doe by Harvey Award nominee Ho Anderson...Read More

Danger Unlimited TPB

Price: 5.98

In 1960, four heroes fought to save the world. In 2060, who will fight to reclaim it? A freak accident gave four friends strength and abilities that set them apart from normal men, and they used these abilities to fight the tide of evil as Danger Unl...Read More

Danger Unlimited Ltd. Ed. HC

Price: 23.98

John Byrne built his reputation on superheroes. His long runs on The X-Men , The Fantastic Four , The Incredible Hulk , and Superman are considered by much of fandom to be the quintessential periods for those popular titles. In 1994 he made his retur...Read More

Decade: A Dark Horse Short Story Collection TPB

Price: 12.95

Frank Miller, Matt Wagner, Mark Verheiden, Johji Manabe, and Paul Chadwick are just several reasons to pick up this short-story anthology. Predator, Concrete, Nexus, Aliens, Sin City, and The Mask are several more. Over its ten-year history, Dark Hor...Read More

Domu: A Child's Dream #1 (of 3)

Price: 5.95

A twisted old man, gifted with extrasensory powers, silently holds sway over an entire block of apartments. The occupants are puppets for him to control. Life is his to give... and take. But suddenly there is a new voice in his head... and before he ...Read More

Domu: A Child's Dream #3 (of 3)

Price: 5.95

In the final confrontation between Cho, a jaded, childlike old man, and Etsuko, a fearless, innocent child, the entire building becomes their weapon of choice! Fueled by mutual hatred, these two combatants will not rest until one or the other is dead...Read More

Domu: A Child's Dream TPB

Price: 17.95

A twisted old man, gifted with extrasensory powers, silently holds sway over an entire block of apartments. The occupants are puppets for him to control. Life is his to give . . . and to take. But suddenly there is a new voice in his head . . . and b...Read More

Dead in the West #2 (of 2)

Price: 3.95

Dawn comes slowly in Hell as the most fantastic zombie western of all time concludes! The living dead, re-animated by an Indian shaman's curse, terrorize Mud Creek, Texas. Look no further for the most terrifying way to ring in the new year....Read More

Exquisite Corpse: Green

Price: 2.50

Jerry Prosser and the Pander Brothers (artists of Grendel and Ginger Fox ) dissect the life and death of a serial killer in Exquisite Corpse , a comic book first- a special three-issue miniseries which can be read in any order! The issues will be unn...Read More

Freaks' Amour #1 (of 3)

Price: 3.95

Tom DeHaven's cult novel Freaks' Amour comes to comics! Mark Burbey, Phil Hester ( Rust ), and Ande Parks adapt DeHaven's nightmarish vision of America after the bomb.. the one that took out New Jersey! The survivors of the blast, twisted by radiatio...Read More

Flaming Carrot #26

Price: 2.00

Tom DeHaven's cult novel Freaks' Amour comes to comics! Mark Burbey, Phil Hester ( Rust ), and Ande Parks adapt DeHaven's nightmarish vision of America after the bomb.. the one that took out New Jersey! The survivors of the blast, twisted by radiatio...Read More

The Flaming Carrot Annual #1

Price: 5.00

Flaming Carrot's back! Like rabbits out of a hat, fresh as cracked wheat, and at war with mediocrity! This 64-page, jumbo, mondo Flaming Carrot Annual #1 celebrates the 15th anniversary of the publication of Flaming Carrot Comics #1! All-new story, c...Read More

The Residents: Freak Show Ltd. Ed.

Price: 79.95

Step right up and see the freaks, what music they make! That's right, not just a limited edition of the coolest book this year (just in time for Christmas, yet) but a CD of a new tune by The Residents included in the package! What, not enough? How ab...Read More

The Residents: Freak Show

Price: 2.99

This cutting-edge comic is based upon concepts and characters found on the popular Freak Show album by the Residents available in record shops across the country. Each features story and art based on one of the songs. Included are: Herman and the Hum...Read More

Girl Crazy TPB

Price: 3.98

Kitten, Maribel, and Gaby are childhood friends celebrating their sixteenth birthday. But one thing is missing -- their fourth friend, Una, imprisoned in Tijuana. The girls are going to give Una the ultimate birthday gift -- freedom -- even if it mea...Read More

Godzilla TPB

Price: 4.00

For thirty years, the King of Monsters has slept off the shores of Tokyo. But now he's back, and he's looking to make up for lost time! This 200-page manga epic collects the Godzilla six-issue miniseries originally published in 1988, adapting to Engl...Read More

Ghost Stories TPB

Price: 8.95

Adam Hughes and Matt Haley are just two good reasons to pick up this hot collection! Sure, Adam is one of the hottest established artists in the industry; and Wizard says Matt is one of the eight hottest up-and-coming artists. But the best reason to ...Read More

Ghost: Nocturnes TPB

Price: 9.95

All Elisa Cameron wanted was a decent job, a nice apartment -- in short, a normal life. What she got was a para normal life! Elisa Cameron is Ghost, the star of Dark Horse's wildly popular series and host of her second collection of stories. Ghost: N...Read More

Ghost in the Shell #8 (of 8)

Price: 3.95

The Puppeteer attacks the Major during her most vulnerable moment: the time she leaves her own body in preparation to inhabit a new one! Will the Puppeteer succeed in hijacking her body by destroying her "ghost" to make room for his own? Do...Read More

Ghost in the Shell TPB

Price: 24.95

In a world in which the human mind can be programmed like a computer, where does the human soul end and the cybernetic machinery begin? What does it mean to be human? From Masamune Shirow, the creator of Appleseed , Orion , and Dominion: Tank Police ...Read More

Give Me Liberty #1 (of 4)

Price: 4.95

The Twenty-first Century: in the squalid corridors of a maximum security Housing Project she takes on a gangland Enforcer; on the war-torn streets of Chicago she fights the murderous Health Police; but the real trouble starts when Martha Washington t...Read More

Give Me Liberty #2 (of 4)

Price: 4.95

The Gay Nazis have commandeered an orbiting laser cannon, and it's up to Martha Washington to stop them. Will Martha live to see her 17th birthday?...Read More

Give Me Liberty #3 (of 4)

Price: 4.95

Young Martha Washington has already been decorated for saving the Amazon Rain Forest and preventing the Aryan Thrust from destroying Washington D.C. With a new President in the White House and a new spirit of freedom in the air, it seems Martha is du...Read More

Give Me Liberty Ltd. Ed. HC

Price: 114.95

In 1990 Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons introduced the world to Martha Washington, a young girl from the slums of Chicago who became an unlikely hero in America's fight for freedom. The world responded with an Eisner Award for best limited series of 19...Read More

Grendel Cycle

Price: 5.95

Grand. Operatic. Powerful. Matt Wagner's Grendel , a mainstay in the comics arena for over ten years, has always been a touchstone of eclecticism and excitement. Unfortunately, many of the original stories have been long out of print and are conspicu...Read More

Grendel Tales: Devils and Deaths #2 (of 2)

Price: 2.95

Drago's last mission as a Grendel is to destroy the monster hiding in the forest, and even he is completely unaware of what really lies before him. The monster turns out to be a kindred spirit, another victim who has paid the terrible price of war. F...Read More

Grendel Tales: Devil May Care #6 (of 6)

Price: 2.95

When things fall apart in the world of Grendel , they fall fast -- and hard! Albert's vigilante acts against the Grendels have caused their order to unravel; as chief of the Grendels, Hack must stop Albert or lose control of the clan -- a decision co...Read More

Grendel Tales: Four Devils, One Hell #1 (of 6)

Price: 2.95

In the post-apocalyptic world of the future, the Grendel clans are taking over -- much to the dismay of a certain private investigator who's been called in to investigate a murder, an investigation that takes him to New Orleans, where he finds himsel...Read More

Grendel: Warchild #10 (of 10)

Price: 3.50

This is the big one: a story so powerful, Matt Wagner had to double the issue size just to tell it! In this special 48-page issue, we learn the final fate of Jupiter and Grendel-Prime, as Jupiter is reunited with his sister and together they take on ...Read More

Grendel: Warchild Ltd. Ed. HC

Price: 29.99

Following the death of Orion Assante, the world has fallen into chaos under the rule of Laurel Assante, the Grendel-Khan's last wife. Created as a fail-safe device, the cyborg Grendel-Prime kidnaps Jupiter, the rightful heir to the empire, in order t...Read More

Gunsmith Cats: Return of Gray #3

Price: 2.95

Rally's got trouble on her tail. It's the murderous terrorist Gray and his gang, and they're roaring up Rally's tailpipe in a souped-up Chevy van that's fast enough to overtake the bounty hunter's high-powered Cobra. Can she hold out long enough for ...Read More

Gunsmith Cats: Return of Gray #5

Price: 2.95

That grenade-launching Gunsmith Cat Minnie-May has a soft spot in her heart for all things explosive, but bomb expert Ken Taki gets her ticker beating double-time! So when the rumor reaches her that Gray and his syndicate have accepted a contract on ...Read More

Gunsmith Cats: Return of Gray #6

Price: 2.95

Rally Vincent isn't that different from other girls. Sometimes she just needs something comforting to hold onto when she goes to sleep. But instead of a teddy bear, Rally has found that nothing soothes like the cold blue steel of a gun! She's in the ...Read More

Gunsmith Cats: Goldie vs. Misty #1 (of 7)

Price: 2.95

Rally's pal Misty just got out of jail, but she may have traded her steel-and-concrete cage for a pair of concrete shoes! Misty's got tapes incriminating a mafia boss, and that don has got a towering assassin named Goldie. It's up to Rally to keep he...Read More

Gunsmith Cats Volume 1: Bonnie and Clyde TPB

Price: 13.95

Meet Rally and Minnie-May -- The Gunsmith Cats -- two of the most fun-loving, well-armed, bounty-hunting women in Chicago! Whether they're chasing bail jumpers or fending off the mob, you can bet on a healthy supply of guns, bombs, car chases, and mo...Read More

Ghost: Exhuming Elisa TPB

Price: 17.95

The world's greatest paranormal, Ghost, uncovers her killer. The protector of Arcadia, X, gets killed. It's the story you've been dying for and it's all right here, in one volume! Beginning with Ghost #20, this deluxe trade paperback takes you up thr...Read More

Hard Boiled #3 (of 3)

Price: 5.95

Tax collector... insurance investigator... psychotic cyborg. Whatever his name, whatever his occupation, the watch words for Hard Boiled are "action-packed!" Frank Miller and Geof Darrow's mind-boggling vision of the future reaches its fran...Read More

Hellboy Baseball Cap

Price: 14.95

Make your head impervious to demonic assault as well as keep out the cold! The Hellboy baseball cap is authorized by the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense....Read More

Hellboy ZippoŽ Lighter

Price: 29.95

Scared of the dark? Plagued by supernatural dread? Fear no more! Hellboy comes to the rescue in the form of this handsome ZippoŽ lighter. Just the thing to keep evil at bay. Zippo is a registered trademark of Zippo Manufacturing Co., Bradford, PA...Read More

Hard Boiled TPB

Price: 16.95

Winner of the coveted Eisner Award! Carl Seltz is a suburban insurance investigator, a loving husband, and devoted father. Nixon is a berserk, homicidal tax collector racking up mind-boggling body counts in a diseased urban slaughterhouse. Unit Four ...Read More

Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor #1

Price: 2.95

You made the world a better place. You probably didn't realize the significance of your actions at the time, but when you bought Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor Special you truly changed the fate of the planet. Your purchase was a vote to continue ou...Read More

Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor #2

Price: 2.95

Have you ever had that exquisitely blinding moment of awareness, that instant of epiphany, in which you knew, damned well knew , without question, that you were having one of the best days of your life...or that you were enjoying True Love...or were ...Read More

Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor #3

Price: 2.95

Top quality stories adapted by top industry talents, plus something new from his majesty Harlan. What more could you want? Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor : Saving the galaxy through Creative Untruthing....Read More

Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor #4

Price: 2.95

Hey, pal, we just got the numbers in on the first issue of this series, and all we can say is Wow . Well, that's not all we can say. We can also say Thank You . But, you know, the best way to say Thanks is not with words; it's with actions. And that'...Read More

Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor #5

Price: 2.95

Some years ago I was approached by the distinguished sf author Barry Malzberg and the editor of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction , Edward Ferman, to contribute a new story to "the ultimate science fiction anthology," Final Stag...Read More

Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor Quarterly #1

Price: 1.49

Only fools try to outsmart tidal waves. No matter how worthy you imagine yourself to be, no matter how deeply you believe in your cause, Oscar Wilde was right when he observed, "A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it." We...Read More

Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor Special

Price: 1.49

The vicious dictator of a future world seeks refuge in the prehistoric past; a fast-gun sheriff refuses to lay up his weapon when his days of power are ended; sharp, small teeth horribly show what can happen to a stoolie; the giant body of a cyclopea...Read More

Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor TPB

Price: 5.69

Harlan Ellison is surely one of the most creative thinkers of our time -- his stories of the fantastic have captured the imaginations of millions of people over the last four decades. In this trade paperback, some of the comics industry's wildest and...Read More

Intron Depot TPB

Price: 44.95

Japanese artist Masamune Shirow is well known to discriminating comics readers. American editions of his spectacular graphic epics have been highly praised and voraciously collected. Now, his gorgeous and highly detailed color art has been collected ...Read More

John Byrne's Next Men TPB

Price: 7.63

Five mutates from Project Next Men escape the elaborate decades-long secret experiment to find themselves in a completely unfamiliar world. During a mysterious encounter in the desert, Bethany, Nathan, Danny, Jack, and Jazz begin to realize that they...Read More

John Byrne's Next Men, Vol. 4: Faith TPB

Price: 5.98

The first appearance of Mike Mignola's Hellboy is just the icing on the cake in John Byrne's Next Men: Faith ! The Next Men, having been falsely convicted of murder, break out of jail and go underground...literally. They head for the abandoned subway...Read More

John Byrne's Next Men, Vol. 5: Power TPB

Price: 7.63

The power to move mountains; the power to challenge armies; the power to atomize an entire city. One young woman gains absolute power, the kind that makes real anything she wishes. With that kind of power she could destroy the world. But she doesn't ...Read More

John Byrne's Next Men, Vol. 6: Lies TPB

Price: 10.17

The Next Men awoke from a virtual-reality paradise to escape from the evil Senator Hilltop and have been running and looking for answers ever since. But what happens when one Next Man wakes up again ? Jasmine awakes to another reality, one in which B...Read More

Kling Klang Klatch GN

Price: 2.99

At 5:00 a.m. on the greasy streets of a city that never sleeps, the dolls are on the hard stuff and the transport's about to strike again. On the news it's all bombs and killing machines the size of tenement blocks. The only consolation for a weary m...Read More

The Legend of Mother Sarah: Tunnel Town TPB

Price: 18.95

Orbiting serenely above a long-ago poisoned earth, the last bastion of human civilization is the space colonies. After a terrorist attack, the colonists are forced into exile on the blighted planet below. In the confusion, a young mother is separated...Read More

The Luck in the Head GN

Price: 2.99

This eerie and visually arresting tale is set in the grotesque city of Uroconium, where Ardwick Crome dreams of a strange ritual from his childhood. The women of his village pursue a "lamb"; to eat a pie made from its head is considered goo...Read More

Madman Comics #2

Price: 2.95

It's the second sensational issue of Madman Comics ! After discovering the secrets of Mott the alien and the mutating beatniks, more mysteries arise. Frank (Madman) and the gang make their way to Buzztown where countless robots are being constructed....Read More

Madman Comics #4

Price: 2.95

This issue features the return of Madman's vilest foe! It's the battle of the decade as Frank (a.k.a. Madman) and the Muscleman slug it out toe to toe! Make sure you have your boarding pass ready for this all-new, toe-biting adventure or you'll miss ...Read More

Madman Ltd. Ed. Box Set

Price: 99.95

The only thing groovier than reading Madman Comics is showing your friends that you're a bigger Madman-iac than they are -- and now you can do just that with the Madman Comics limited-edition hardcover set! Imagine the looks you'll get when they see ...Read More

Madman X 50 Bubblegum Card Set

Price: 14.95

Madman Comics is one of the hottest comics to rear its ugly head in a long time! To celebrate its arrival at Dark Horse we're issuing a fifty card series revealing the fifty faces of Madman! It features the artwork of some of the greatest names in co...Read More

Madman X 50 Bubblegum Card Set: The Sequel

Price: 14.95

What do Frank Frazetta, Matt Groening, and Joe Kubert have in common? They're mad about Madman, and they're displaying their madness in this second set of Madman trading cards! The first set was so successful that Madman creator Mike Allred wanted to...Read More

Madman Comics: Yearbook '95 TPB

Price: 17.95

The world's snappiest comic magazine is now the world's snappiest trade paperback collection! If you missed out on Madman's early hyperactive exploits, this 160-page volume is your toehold into Mike Allred's kinetic and killingly kitschy world! Witne...Read More

The Complete Madman Comics Vol. 2 TPB

Price: 17.95

The New York Times says, "Madman abounds in Flash Gordon gadgetry and slobbering leviathans direct from the pits of the netherworld." Sound like fun? You bet it is! And now's the time to find out for yourself, with the Madman Comics Yearboo...Read More

Monkeyman & O'Brien TPB

Price: 16.95

What do you get when you mix the beautiful daughter of a brilliant scientist with an extra-dimensional radiation bath? You get Anne O'Brien, half of the dimension-hopping, monster-battling team of Monkeyman & O'Brien! Together, this super-intelli...Read More

The Mask TPB

Price: 14.95

Gold-plated geek Stanley buys his girlfriend Katherine a mysterious green mask -- a mask with an attitude that comes through even in the box. But it's when he tries it on that the mayhem really hits the fan, because it brings out the worst in anyone ...Read More

The Minotaur's Tale

Price: 2.99

In the original classic Greek myth, the Minotaur was a terrible beast, half-man, half-bull, who feasted on human flesh and was justly slain by the noble hero Theseus. But that is only one version of the story. There is also the Minotaur's tale, as to...Read More

The Mask Returns TPB

Price: 14.95

It doesn't matter who you are. Once you put on The Mask, you're a homicidal lunatic with a bad taste for bad jokes and seriously deranged violence. And nothing -- but nothing -- can kill you! When her boyfriend Stanley died, Kathy thought the weird m...Read More

The Mask in School Spirits HC

Price: 6.57

Writer/illustrator Rick Geary continues to astound with his never-a-dull-moment stories and incomparable illustrations of The Mask, now in impossible-to-resist hardcover format from the same people who brought you The Night Before ChristMask and The ...Read More

Mask: The Night Before Christmas HC

Price: 9.95

Writer/illustrator Rick Geary provides a wonderfully drawn, whimsical tale of the winter season. What do you want for Christmas? You just might get it if you happen to have a mystical Mask in your possession! Cross The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with...Read More

Medal of Honor #1

Price: 2.50

When you can't bend steel or leap buildings, the price of heroism goes up; so do the rewards. Following hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed special, Medal of Honor features biographies of the brave people who risked their lives for freedom. ...Read More

Medal of Honor #2

Price: 2.50

Crossing the globe and jumping the pages of history, comes the second in the five-issue Medal of Honor series. The fight for freedom continues in this celebration of transcontinental American courage. Maurice Britt, high-school football hero, exhibit...Read More

Medal of Honor #3

Price: 2.50

Racing down the tracks of danger and heroism comes the third installment in the Medal of Honor series. Eighteen Yankee soldiers make off with a Confederate train and find they've got themselves the chase of a lifetime. When this revolutionary race sc...Read More

Medal of Honor #4

Price: 2.50

With gunfire and grit, we bring you the fourth in the popular Medal of Honor series. Time begins to run out for our troops when they are ordered to initiate an assault that leaves them surrounded without food, water, or shelter -- and low on ammuniti...Read More

Morphos the Shapechanger

Price: 4.95

Step back 60 years ago to a time when comics -- a new medium born in excitement, innocence, and great aspiration -- were capturing the attention of readers everywhere. This is the time in which Burne Hogarth came and changed the face of sequential st...Read More

The Mask Summer Vacation HC

Price: 10.95

Summertime is about fireworks, friends, and fun... not relatives and rural seclusion! So when Ned is dragged off to his Uncle Arnold's cabin for a calm and relaxing holiday, he packs something mean, green, and explosive alongside his socks and underw...Read More

The Mask Strikes Back TPB

Price: 14.95

Rick, Ben, Hugo, and Archie are four teens with a fixation on that melon-headed menace, The Mask. When they each get a shot at wearing the empowering emerald artifact, they figure it's a dream come true! And it is! Power, fame, and ultimate wish fulf...Read More

Martha Washington Goes to War TPB

Price: 7.18

Martha Washington -- prisoner, runaway, lunatic, soldier, and now seditionist -- has seen the future. It looks great on paper, but it doesn't work. The U.S. government is controlled by power-hungry nutcases. The ecology is a shambles. Everyone talks ...Read More

Nexus: Two TPB

Price: 14.95

Who is Nexus? Galactic assassin or planetary savior? A unique scientific phenomenon, or an awesome source of power to be controlled and exploited? The man called Nexus is these things and more. Fueled by the force of raging suns, driven by tortured d...Read More

The Ninth Gland

Price: 3.95

Maybe Pearl's mistake was in bringing the creature -- the one she found in her backyard -- to the weird man in the basement of the hospital. She should have told her mom instead. Or maybe her mistake was in keeping the baby monster that the creature ...Read More